Friday, January 23, 2009

Sukku kapi

The last couple of days have been a blur. I'm dealing with an overload at work and an addiction to the gym, not to mention doing my best to cope with DH's man cold (hope you don't mind my borrowing this term and the video from your blog, Cindy. I can't think of a better way to describe the deadly effects of this simple virus that has the power to reduce a grown man to a whiny baby!)

So, while Szechuan Kitchen has been busy providing us tons of Chicken soup with rice and Velvet Chicken and corn soup, my poor baby has been downing glass after glass of Theraflu and Sukku kapi. I am a believer in the healing powers of Sukku kapi (introduced to me by my mom-in-law), a spicy herbal tea from South India, just as I believe in the fever-reducing properties of tylenol. The drink is available in Indian grocery stores in powder form. It is made of dry ginger, pepper, coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, and a dozen spices I cannot find English names for. But they combine to form a pretty potent and restorative drink.


lauren said...

oh cool. thanks for the picture...I may look for it at this one store near my work.

Heather said...

Aren't men the biggest babies when they're sick?!? When my husband has a cold, you'd think he was the first person in the history of the universe to get sick.

BeachRunner said...

Sending healing vibes to Hubby. Hope you survive the man cold, too.