Saturday, November 29, 2008

Running Update - Thanksgiving week

After my tentative 2-miler last Sunday, I ran a few days this week with no pain. There is a slight tenderness in the area above my left foot, so I have reduced my speed to just a little over a crawl. I tell myself there is a risk that the pain will return with a vengeance. According to my GP, I should be resting till the swelling disappears.
But the lump seems to have become a rather permanent fixture on my left foot and shows no sign of vacating the premises, so I have adopted a new rule: Run very slowly as long as there is no pain...and stop the minute you encounter the slightest twinge (My defense: My GP is not a runner. What does he know about running injuries?). Do I sound like an obstinate mule of a runner?

Here's my running and injury update:

Monday - 3 miles - Slow as molasses, but...hey, no pain!

Tuesday - core work & 20 minutes on stationary bike: I am beginning to suspect the bike may have something to do with some of the pain and stiffness, especially the muscle pull in my inner thigh. Hmm!

Wednesday - 4 miles: I realize that in trying to favor my left shin, I have somehow adjusted my running style and am putting more pressure on the base of my toes and knees (don't ask me how). I am now training myself to be conscious of every step. A sports doc once asked me to try the POSE technique. I may try the conditioning exercises associated with this method. Has anyone tried this running style? What are your thoughts?
I read that to run fast you must run slow first to improve technique - you must teach/condition your body to run in this style for as long as possible. If you run too fast/hard then your body will tire and revert to the old ways. Makes sense, doesn't it? (Bear with me if I am repeating what you already know!)

Thursday - 4 miles: It feels great to be out there running on Thanksgiving day. There are very few people about, but surprisingly, a number of dogs. I run slow for the most part, except when I am trying to put more distance between myself and 2 huge dogs, straining at the leash held by a wobbly skateboarder. Running and cooking leave my poor legs feeling stiff for a few hours.

Friday - core work: I steel myself for a marathon Black Friday shopping trip, and finish most of my holiday shopping (what a relief!) but this leaves me feeling exhausted; and after Thursday's stiffness, I am in no mood for a run. I manage to squeeze in some ab crunches and dumbbell action. I am tempted to join the running club tomorrow on their Saturday morning run, but decide not to. In a group, I tend to push the pace; and could end up getting hurt.

Saturday - 5 miles: very slow; I feel rested and relaxed.

Sunday - Body, mind and weather-permitting. Let's see what tomorrow brings.


Erica said...

Glad you're not feeling any pain! The slow pace is worth it if it means you heal! Happy Sunday!

lauren said...

I have never heard of the POSE technique, but it sounds like you are listening to your body and still getting in some great runs and workouts. good job and glad you had a nice holiday!

BeachRunner said...

Good job Kavi.

Anonymous said...

20 min on the stationary bike. You are a braver soul than I. I hate that thing! Great job.