Friday, November 28, 2008

Food for the soul

Hope Thanksgiving was a fun and relaxing time for everyone.

Here is a sample of our humble thanksgiving dinner. As you can probably see, the cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes were out of a can. You see, I have a lot to learn about cooking a traditional Thanksgiving feast. One of the unusual dishes was chicken liver fry, which tasted pretty good and combined well with the rest of the meal, and especially with alcohol.

I have always been intimidated by turkey (had a miserable experience cooking the bird a few years ago and never tried again). So, it has always been chicken. Someday, I will work up the courage to try again.

Oops...I got the wrong view of the chicken!

Our thanksgiving weekend is never complete without South Indian Biryani and paruppu payasam, so we continued the dining and drinking with biryani on brings back fond memories of childhood. Mutton biryani was my mother's pièce de résistance at any meal, would take her all of 2 hours to prepare and would fill the house with the aroma of ghee, ginger and spices during and for several hours after the meal was prepared.

After a number of tries, I have managed to come close in taste to mamma's biryani. When we travel to India to visit my family, I will learn to cook it to perfection. Granted, it's not the most photogenic in appearance, but it is prepared with mutton and rice coated with ghee, and is packed with ginger, garlic, mint, coriander and a ton of love; a stomach-full of this dish will fill you with goodwill, content, (laziness) and benevolence toward all mankind. It is food for the soul.

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