Thursday, November 27, 2008

A running hero

Did you catch the CNN special report Heroes? I must say, they put on a great show. I am a sucker for shows like this, where human goodness prevails over everything else.

It was very moving. Among the audience, there were very few dry eyes. 10 people across the world were honored for their dedication and service to community. Still full of thanksgiving dinner, we watched, the lump in my throat growing bigger and bigger as I heard these remarkable stories.

I thought it was a beautiful thing that one of the honorees used the healing powers of running to transform other people's lives. 27-year old Anne Mahlum ran past a homeless shelter in Philadelphia every day and one day, decided to invite the homeless men on her run. She founded the "Back On My Feet" program, a 'running club' which now has 3 teams. Teams run together 3 days a week. Through running and camaraderie, the program has helped these people out of debilitating habits and into constructive lives.

Just imagine what can be gained if every runner in the world could transform just one other person into a runner!

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lauren said...

I didnt see the show, but have hear about that women in Phili...very moving!