Monday, August 11, 2008

Killing the competition

What a spectacular performance by the US Men's freestyle 4x100 relay team!

DH and I watched the Olympic swimming events last night. We were looking forward to seeing Michael Phelps perform in the 4x100 freestyle relay. We watched with growing disappointment as Phelps came in second in his leg and the race quickly got away from the American team. And when Jason Lezak took over, a body-length behind the anchor on the French team, the announcers were declaring victory for the French team (and lamenting about what a shame it was to prove the French team right - they had declared they would "smash" the Americans) - all was lost.

Well, not quite! Out of the blue, in the last 20 meters or so, we saw a motorized Jason Lezak come powering through, gaining on the French anchor stride by stride, until he touched the finish just a few hundredths of a second before the French team! The amazing things adrenaline can do!

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