Sunday, August 10, 2008

Stronger as the days go by

He deserves a post to himself. I owe him that.
The love of my life, DH of 6 1/2 years, my cheerleader - and an amazing individual.
DH is a talented artist (his pencil sketches are out of the world!), a sprinter at the junior national level while in school, music lover (and talented amateur drummer), lover of animals and birds (by extension, bird watcher - can you spot the binoculars in the pic?), meticulous cook and so much more.

He is a very quick learner- and a wonderful teacher. For the most part, my strategy is to chill out till he learns a new technique/sport, then stick to him like a barnacle till it rubd off on me. It has worked - I learned to drive, swim, ski and dance this way (we went to ski and dance lessons together, but guess who learned faster!)
He is such a model husband! He not only supports me in everything I throw myself into, he is also my ardent cheerleader, dropping things at a moment's notice to make himself available to me. At every race, he is there, camera in hand, ready to shout himself hoarse. He is always at hand, patiently giving me driving directions, when I find myself in the middle of nowhere (which surprisingly, happens quite often!)
And he has brought so much balance into my life. You see, he belongs to that unique tribe of people who, even in moments of fire and fury, can view and symphathize with other perspectives and points of view. Besides, he is easygoing and has a spontaneous sense of humor - which you can appreciate if you know how worked up I can get at times!
Though for me, it was love at first sight (he claims it was, for him, too), I did not realize then how much we had in common. We love traveling, enjoy the same activities, advocate the same relatively low-budget lifestyle (not counting my running gear). We spent the first few years of married life lying on the couch, happily eating and growing fat together, but when we finally kicked the habit and adopted a somewhat active lifestyle, we find that we are happy doing that together, as well.
3 weeks after we met, we were married; but I have thoroughly enjoyed uncovering bits and pieces of his personality as we go along - and everything I've learned has brought us closer and made our love stronger!

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