Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How many miles is a "long run"?

Last evening, I got in an hour of quality swimming. I did 30 laps faster than usual. My shoulders and arms ached at the end of the workout. I never seem to know when to quit when it comes to swimming...just can't get enough of it!

I had planned my long run (12 miles) for Wednesday, but when I got home, DH said he was planning to work from home that day (which means I cannot), so I decided to prepone my long run to Tuesday.

I usually try not to do any strenuous activity the evening before a long run, but I told DH this was not a problem, I didn't really consider 12 miles as "long runs" anymore. He remarked admiringly that I had come a long way in my training. Which made me think back to the days when I could barely get a mile in before collapsing with exhaustion!

According to marathontraining.com, the distance of a long run is considered to be 10 miles or longer as well as runs that last over 90 minutes. I've got to think that definition does not apply to ultramarathoners and to elite, advanced and even intermediate marathoners whose mileage exceeds 40 mpw.

This morning, I started my run a little later than usual. My shoulders and arms were still sore, and my legs did not feel perky and rested like they should, at the start of a long run. But I plodded along gamely, albeit a little slower than usual. Though I did not experience any major discomfort, I was really happy to finish! That does it...I have got to cut down on swimming till the end of the marathon. 45 minutes 3 days a week should be sufficient for crosstraining purposes.

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