Thursday, July 31, 2008

Erie Marathon At Presque Isle

After an exhaustive review of, I finally picked Erie Marathon as my first marathon - for several reasons.

1. It is the nearest (geographically) marathon in the late August - early September timeframe, which is when my training will end.
2. It is claimed to be the flattest marathon in the country - and after the 15K earlier this year, I have no illusions about my hill-running skills.
3. It is a small to mid-size marathon - and, while I can aim for a decent time without being trampled to death, I also get a timing chip for the run and a medal for finishing. These things are so important to vain mortals like me!
4. The course is scenic...the entire race is run along Lake Erie.

After completing a 23-mile long run last week and still able to feel my legs, I decided I was as ready as I would ever be. So, I finally did it! Registered for the marathon!!! No going back now!

I also booked a room at one of the motels recommended by the marathon, "El Patio", located 4-5 miles from the start. Nothing fancy, but it has a microwave, refrigerator and a queen bed. It'll have to do. It has a late check out time that weekend (2 pm) on account of the marathon, so we should be able to check out Sunday afternoon, provided I don't take longer than 6 hours to complete!

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