Saturday, May 24, 2008

MA National Park and Beach

I was beginning to warm up to this mosquito-ridden place. It had its own crooked little charm.

After a hearty breakfast of the "El Tico" meal (gallo pinto (rice and beans), 2 eggs, whole wheat toast, fresh fruit), washed down with coffee (the coffee took me back to holidays with my grandmother), it began to sink in that today was officially the last day of our vacation. Tomorrow afternoon, we head to Alajuela and the the next day, we would be back in the USA.

Determined to finish with a bang, we took a cab to the beach and paid the $10 entry fee that gave us access to the national park and private beaches (Manuel Antonio, Puerto Escondido, Northern and Southern Espadilla beaches and the Gemelas (twins)).

This was remarkable - as we hiked in the national park, we could hear the bird and animal cries typical of a rain forest, and also the lapping of waves a few yards away. The water was warm, clear and inviting. We came across a few iguanas, halloween crabs and a curious raccoon, raiding a trash can.

MA beach was the most accessible for swimming, so we marinated in its waters for a good 3 hours. I felt like salted pork by the time we were done. The water was alternatively warm and cool. The tide was rising when we left. We showered off and left the national park, bought a few souvenirs, had a roadside lunch of fried pork and chicken kebabs, salad and fried banana. It was pouring when we got off at Quepos town to have the photos from our disposable cameras developed. We finally located a little store, but the pics would not be developed on time for our departure. We bought dinner and took a cab to the hotel, where we packed our sodden belongings. If there is one thing that makes me happy about leaving, it is the luxury of wearing clean dry clothes again!

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