Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kayaking in Damas Estuary

Our mood improved as we woke up determined to enjoy what was left of our vacation. We had breakfast (wheat toast, eggs, fruit and coffee) and made a reservation for a kayak tour to a mangrove swamp (Damas Estuary). We waited for our ride, while watching "wildlife" - an iguana and a hummingbird. At 1 pm, we boarded the tour van and were introduced to our guide, Freddie. We stopped for 2 ladies, Karen and Wanda at the Spanish school at Quepos, had lunch at Hotel Los Rancheros and drove to the swamp. Donning our lifejackets and water shoes, we waited for the tide to rise.

It was my first time in a kayak and I was quite a menace - everyone soon stayed out of the way of "K and her 18-wheeler". DH and I manned a kayak each, while the ladies shared a kayak. I slowly got the hang of it, and we paddled into a shady area. We came across several sleeping snakes, halloween crabs, a vulture, a family of capuchin monkeys and a lizard. Feeling satisfied at spotting so much wildlife (we suspect the guides placed these animals there to entice tourists!), we headed back. We met several others in kayaks and had an impromptu kayak paddling race, which I lost by a pretty huge margin.

Cheered by the kayak expedition, we visited the village, had dinner at Restaurante Queposa and turned in for the night.

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