Sunday, May 25, 2008

Last night at Costa Rica

After breakfast, we visited the beach for one last time. It was hot and very humid and we did not stay very long.

At La Colina, we did our final packing and waited with another couple for Interbus, which would take us to Alajuela. They were a younger couple from Kansas, who were also on a week's vacation at Costa Rica. They had gotten engaged during their vacation and appeared very excited. Well, at least the guy seemed excited; the girl was just too busy trying to break the world record in smoking.

At 1:40 pm, we left, stopping to pick up another passenger in the village. We changed vehicles mid-way and the second driver, thanks to some manic driving, got us to Alajuela in record time.

We bunked for the night at Hotel Berlor a few miles from the airport, in a tiny room with a comfortable bed (the room in fact, was all bed and little else). On the receptionist's recommendation, we had dinner at El Novilla y Barra Girasol, where the food was really good. We had our final Costa Rican meal (tomorrow's breakfast did not count, that was probably going to be cereal and OJ), casada...I had the chicken, DH had pork. We toasted to our very fulfilling vacation.

Our flight was at 8:30 AM the next morning, so we asked for a wake up call at 5 AM. Then we tumbled into bed.

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