Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Foolin' in the Pool

Your comments and condolences on my last half-a$$ post overwhelm me. I was in the middle of typing up the post, then got distracted. I came back to it the next day to see that I had accidentally posted it, mid-sentence! I quickly went back and finished the sentence, and noticed that inspite of leaving my morbid thoughts incomplete (what else can you call laughing at my own injury?), I got sweet, sympathetic responses that floored me. I didn't expect any comments, much less readers, after a month of silence. Goes to show...Blogland rules!

Now that I have nothing to share on running, except my half-baked research on running injuries (I am obviously not getting anywhere with the research, as my repeated injuries prove), I will let you in on some random stuff. Let me start with an explanation of how I find humor in the face of repeated injuries. I am not too sure, but I think it has something to do with a somewhat zen outlook to life I am trying to cultivate. Don't get me wrong. I am still the fervent competitor at heart and my joy will know no bounds the day I can run painlessly again. And though running is ruled out, I subject myself to heavy doses of biking, swimming, strength training and pool running. But after several setbacks, I am developing a more tolerant attitude toward not being able to run. I try to look at the big picture. And let's face it, it is sort of funny that in any given year, I spend as many months running as I do recovering from some injury or the other!

My ultimate goal is to still be able to run when I am ninety years old (if I last that long). This is just a minor setback in the scheme of things. And injury has made me even more eager to get back into running when my body is ready for it.

I have some pool-time pleasantries to share.

* I am the most loquacious person you will find in the pool. When I am fighting fit, I consider time spent in the gym as a necessary inconvenience. I try to work out as quick as I can, then get out. I am in the gym one or two days in a week, tops. But now that I am injured, I spend 5-6 days a week in the gym, most of them upright in the pool, where I am desperate for company, so I am developing some interesting friendships.

- Like Gloria from the Aqua Fitness class, who was initially curious as to why I was rooted to the same spot in the pool for 2 hours, and when she found out, decided she wanted to join me. While pool running, we discuss fitness, family, friends, life in general...boy, are we chatty!

- Cliff, who is amused to see me spending more time in the pool running than swimming.

- And Chris, who gives me swimming tips, then after completing his workout, keeps me company by practising holding his head underwater while I count the seconds.

* I enjoy watching various swimming styles. A few are spectacular, others impressive, many are hilarious. In turn, most people find my jogging-in-place riotous. I am of course, happy to provide free entertainment.

* The deepest part of the pool is right outside the locker rooms, so that is where you will typically find me pool-running. There is a naughty part of me that finds it tremendously comical to watch people walk into the wrong locker room. It happens surprisingly often. I've tried to stop a few, but mostly I just enjoy the confident, endorphin-induced looks on people's faces as they strut into the wrong locker room after a swim, followed by furtive, confused, embarrassed glances as they hastily make for the exit.

Humor aside, I believe pool running is a solid workout. You can chat and fool around during the workout and still end up feeling achy and tired later. That is because your heart rate never gets as high as it does while you are running on land, so even intense running can feel like a walk in the park (until the next morning, when you feel like you were hit by a bus). I am interested to see how this will help my "land-running" when I eventually surmount this injury. If you can tolerate intense boredom, curious glances and smarty-pants comments, you will get a substantial cardiovascular kick out of pool running.


Heather said...

Nice job with all the pool running - sounds like you are making the best of it! I would be one of the dorks walking into the wrong locker room for sure. Thankfully at my pool they are on opposite sides of the pool, so it is tough to get them confused. :)

Jamie said...

sounds like you've made some good friends pool side! People going into the wrong locker room would get me repeatedly too!

Sarah said...

I have never tried pool running. I should give it a try one of these days! I usually attempt to swim and am one of those people with a laughable form. :) Good for you for seeing the positive in an injury...I am soming back from a back injury and am trying hard to stay positive. :)

physikerin said...

I tried it once! It was pretty funny, and definitely a good workout. :D

Mica said...

I'm always afraid that I do pool running incorrectly because I'm never out of breath and it feels "too easy." (Maybe I should do it a little harder...)

I'd come pool run and chat with you!!

lindsay said...

I am straight up too self-conscious to try pool running :) more power to you!

I figured something was up with the last post but I thought I'd leave a note on what you DID say :)

Erica said...

I love meeting people while I work out. I actually have made a lot of good friends by talking & start to hang out with people who take my classes :) I also laugh hysterically when people walk into the wrong locker room...mostly because I've done it a gazillion times :) Happy Thursday!

Emily said...

Sounds like you're in good spirits even though injuries are keeping you from road running...and that pool running can be super entertaining at the gym. :-)

I Run for Fun said...

Aww, Mica...if only we could schedule a pool running session together. I would love to pool-chat with you too.

Beth said...

You are doing a great job of handling your injury and not letting it stop you from your overall goals. I'm guessing I will find myself pool running at some point in my career, so I'm taking tips from you. I bet it will pay off when you are ready to hit the road again.

FLYERS26 said...

very funny on the wrong locker room! I once sent a guy into the wrong bathroom at a resturaunt.

X-Country2 said...

pool running will indeed kick your butt. Nice work!