Sunday, October 4, 2009

Never a dull weekend

It felt so good to be running again...even if only a few miles. I ran 2 miles on Tuesday, 3 miles on Wednesday, 4 miles on Saturday and 5 miles today. Yesterday, I met Glenn at Green Acres Park and we ran 4 miles in the neighborhood where he grew up, finishing up with a loop around the park. I have lived in the vicinity for the past 3 years, but I am getting to know the area like I never have before, thanks to Glenn.

This weekend was supposed to be a quiet, uneventful one. But here's something that cannonballed it into the Eventful weekend category.

DH and I are watching TV Friday night (about 10:30 pm). It is raining outside. Suddenly, we hear a thunderclap and the lights go out.

DH: What was that explosion?

Me: It wasn't thunder?

We step outside and look around. A car has just crashed right into the transformer sitting on the lawn of the house next to ours. There are 2 teenagers frantically pacing up and down the road. One of them is repeating over and over, "Man, are you serious?"; "It's my car, man". The speed limit on this road is 25 mph...there is no way this car was going under 40 mph. The rain and darkness probably didn't help matters, but the driver clearly had his attention elsewhere.
Our neighbor is not at home. DH and I ask the boys if they are alright. They are obviously in shock and don't hear us. I call the cops while DH opens the door and tells the 3 teenagers in the back of the car to get out. No one is hurt though the airbag has deployed and the engine is damaged. We wait outside till the cops get to the scene.
When things quietened down a bit and the mood was less sombre, DH got some pics.
Scary, huh?
Here's the actual angle the car was stuck at...

The tow truck arrived shortly and by 1 am, everything was cleared up. To PSE&G's credit, they wasted no time in getting the electricity back up...we had power before 6 am.
There is a huge gaping hole where the sidewalk was and part of the lawn is gone, but it is being patched up.
While marathon training last year, I went through a phase when I dreamed of food, diligently watched Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals on Food Network every day, cooked up a storm every weekend and ate everything in sight.

Around that time, I developed a craving. This has now become my favorite snack.

The older boxes had a grinning Rachel Ray on them.
I imagine you have an approving look on your face...wholesome whole wheat snack...excellent for you, you say.
Or maybe you're horrified: who in their right minds would willingly subject themselves to such torture? I agree. By itself, I think triscuits taste like sawdust mixed with gravel.
But when generously smeared with this...

...(mmm...creamy hazelnut spread!)...ahh! It becomes something else altogether.

A couple of hours after lunch, when my insides crave something sweet, this keeps me sugared up while I work. I've deluded myself into believing it's a healthy snack. Atleast You don't buy that? Well, it became clear that tucking away triscuit after triscuit, while hard at work, I failed to notice I have been consuming waaay more than 1 serving (1 serving = 2 tbsp = 190 CALORIES!) every day. I reluctantly decided to put this bad boy away and bring him out only on special occasions. Especially as I am just limping back into my running routine and my mileage is nowhere near where it was a month ago.
Sigh! I need a nutella patch. How in the world do you control portion size of your favorite snack???


Mica said...

Ahhh, Nutella and Triscuits! What a great idea!

When I was in Paris, I literally kept my Nutella on the very top shelf of my kitchen. And even then, I'd come home after runs, stand on a chair, and eat it straight from the jar with a spoon. The only thing that keeps me from eating too much now is the prohibitively expensive price.

joyRuN said...

Mmmm... Nutella!

Glad to hear no one was hurt - still scary though.

Abby said...

Ha, do they make any sort of chocolate hazelnut hard candy that you could keep in your desk instead?

Heather said...

LOL at nutella patch! I think calories consumed during work shouldn't count . . . it's only fair.

Scheri said...

Those kids are so lucky they didn't get hurt!

My family would love your snack. They eat nutella by the spoonful!

Anonymous said...

Nutella is so good! What an eventful friday night. Glad everyone is ok.

How is the book you are reading?

The Happy Runner said...

Nutella patch...ha!

That crash had to be so scary! Wow.

I Run for Fun said...

D10, I really liked the book...loved Joan Silber's narration. Am definitely going to look for more of her work.

X-Country2 said...

Glad no one was hurt. Scary scary.

Erica said...

So glad to hear you're back running! I'm sure it feels amazing

That accident sounds like pure craziness- way to spice up a Friday night!!

Josh LOVESSSSSSSS nutella and asks that I don't bring it in the house haha. I know they sell the mini/individual containers of nutella- maybe you could try those?

Nicole said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog and for reminding me to think about why I started running. I really had to THINK. Then I remembered it was to get fitter and stop smoking. (Check, and check!). :)

Roisin said...

Oh man...that's terrifying...I had a similar incident when I returned from a run one day! Luckily it was still light out.


Beth said...

That was quite some excitement outside your house. I'm glad everyone was okay. It's wonderful that you are running again. I'm so happy for you. I've had the same experience with peanut butter. I figured it was a healthy snack with lots of protien. Until, one day I measured how much I was using and checked the calories on the jar. It was a sad, sad day. I feel for you.

Emily said...

Glad everyone was ok after that freak accident in front of your house..yikes!

I am also a Nutella lover, but I hardly buy it anymore because I would probably eat it by the spoonful. And like Mica is expensive. But sooo good!

Irene said...

Everything tastes better with Nutella! LOL.

aron said...

whoa that looks like a crazy night!!

its funny how time off from running can make you appreciate it so much :) glad you had a great run!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

That does not look like a relaxing night.. UGH!!

lauren said...

oh wow - scary! I love Nutella and I love tricuits, but have never thought to put them together?! I will have to try this immediately.