Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tennis ball action

Following several gushing comments on DH's roast tandoori chicken,

I have decided to divulge the secret ingredient responsible for the masterpiece:

Yup, tandoori lovers, that's all it is. You can use any tandoori spice mix available in Indian grocery stores. Just preheat the oven to 350-375 degrees, rub the whole chicken (we used 2 cornish hens) with 1-3 spoonfuls of tandoori masala spice mix, chilli powder (if you can tolerate it), lemon juice and salt. Add chopped veggies of your choice and roast for an hour and a half for mouthwatering, tender, juicy roast tandoori chicken.
You guys are the best! I feel a little silly to whine about my oft-occurring, petty injuries, considering there are people suffering from real problems, but you are all such good sports, throwing brilliant suggestions my the footsie roller and the tennis ball thingee...thanks, Amy, Lindsay, Scheri and Felice!

After reading about it a dozen times, most recently in The Happy Runner, and reading your comments on this post, I finally decided to try the tennis ball technique, in preparation for my long run (I switched my long run day from Saturday to Thursday this week...explanations to come in my next post). Easier said than done. I had to find the tennis balls first!
I live in a little 2-bedroom townhome, with hardly any room to lose things. But somehow, it is always a challenge to find anything that I have put away "in a safe place". So, after digging in the basement for 1/2 hour, moving heavy boxes and dredging up long-lost treasures (including a much-needed spare (new) toilet brush, an exercise ball pump, a rolling pin (which DH claimed ecstatically, to exercise away the pain in his shoulder) and a cricket ball (now, we just need to find the bat), I finally unearthed 1/2 dozen tennis balls. If only all foraging missions were as successful.

After all the drama, I feel I need to provide an illustration: here's one of my feet (badly in need of a pedicure, please excuse the ugliness), rolling on a tennis ball.

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ahhh! Sweet relief! I didn't realize how much stress I put on these poor feet.

This morning's 14-miler was almost entirely painless (there is still a tiny pressure spot, which I need to work on). 12 of the 14 miles were run in pelting rain, but I figured if I let rain stop me, I may never run this summer! I couldn't pamper myself with an icebath today (when did the dreaded icebath become 'pampering'?), because work came a-calling. But I'm definitely getting a little more of the tennis ball lovin' later.

QOTD: How often do you switch your long runs to a different day in the week? Have you encountered any problems/injuries while doing that? (I used to switch my long runs often, and sometimes a long run would be only 4 days away from the previous one. I'm trying to stay more consistent now).

Finally: Want free running shoes? Check out Steve's blog!!!


Anonymous said...

Ok, that pic. of the chicken got my mouth watering.

It's good that the pain is almost completely gone with the tennis ball treatment. The rainy long run sounds kind of heavy, but great you stuck with it. I agree with you. As soon as rain starts interfering with running, there is no building any distances.

Pearl said...

hope your feet feel better!

Sarah said...

I also use a tennis ball for my butt muscles...I sit on it and kinda roll like a charm!

I always do my long run on Sat or Sun...there just isn't time for it any other day. :(

Roisin said...

I started using the tennis balls back in college during my dance classes. It works wonders and is cheap and portable! Can't get better than that! That chicken sure does look good...I doubt I'll ever get around to preparing one myself, but I'll order one the next time I'm out ;)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

i'm going to get a tennis ball to use on my calf... wonder how different that will be compared to the foam roller and the Stick. The chicken looks delicious.

Emily said...

Thanks for divulging the secret to your amazing chicken! :-)

Glad the tennis ball technique worked. Hopefully your foot will continue to feel better!

Mica said...

Awesome job getting out there in the rain, and thanks for sharing the secret to your tandoori chicken!

Anonymous said...

So glad the tennis ball is doing the trick and that you found it too. Isn't it amazing how things disappear? have a great weekend.

lindsay said...

i usually do my long runs on the weekend 'cause of time constraints. lately i'm tempted to do them in the week when i am feeling motivated - the bed is too attractive all weekend long :)

Marlene said...

Yay! Glad to hear the tennis ball provided some relief and a relatively pain free long run yesterday!

I try to avoid switching up my long run days and at the very most I will switch from Sunday to Saturday. I find that it messes with the schedule too much and doesn't allow enough recovery between hard and/or long runs. But sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do!

lauren said...

wow! thanks for the tip...I have a whole chicken in my freezer, so I may wait to cook it until I can snag some of that seasoning!!!

Heather C said...

ha thanks for the secret ingredient! that chicken does look tasty :)

my feet desperately need a pedicure too! gah, running is rough on us.

X-Country2 said...

I purchasing a tennis ball this weekend. I don't have the energy to launch the epic journey to the basement to unearth the boxes. You're much more motived than me. :o)

Abby said...

I REALLY need to try this - I keep reading such good things about the tennis ball technique!

Amy said...

Oh my feet look just like that too, lol.

I like the idea of doing a Saturday/Sunday long run, but sometimes the weekends is a break from routine, and running doesn't always happen for me. But my running group does a long run either Sunday or Saturday.