Wednesday, January 21, 2009

K the Klutz

I am becoming a klutz. Well, I always was one, but I am now perfecting the art. Not your average hilarious but harmless klutz...I inflict pain.

You read about the self-inflicted damage to my foot last week. Well, at least that only caused physical pain. Yesterday, I walked into my office with a steaming cup of hot chocolate (I share an office with 6 others - one of the reasons we all take turns to work from home; we never get any work done in the office!), walked right into a colleague's chair and spilled half the cup all over her shiny black coat. Wait, it's not over. Of course, I was mortified...I grabbed a few napkins and dabbed at the stains, not realizing that the cup of hot chocolate was in my other hand and was dripping all over her clean, white shawl! I was red-faced and apologetic, she was gracious and forgiving and my other colleagues had a bellyful of laughter.

I did an hour of BodyWorks and half hour on the elliptical last night. I am trying out different cardio equipment at the gym. Not sure I like the elliptical. It is becoming a popular machine - has the benefits of running without the pounding. But it accentuates my clumsiness...I look like Daisy Duck on that machine.


Heather said...

I feel your pain - that sounds like something I would do! At least your co-worker/victim was nice about it. :)

lauren said...

ha! I usually spill stuff all over myself and have to walk around with stains all day. I never wear white.

The Happy Runner said...

Oh, no! I'm a clumsy gal, too :-)

Frayed Laces said...

Oh my sounds like my type of day!