Thursday, December 4, 2008

Swimming is the answer

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, blog buddies! I owe much to you. You see, in my pre-blog days, if I was injured, I would have just moped around, been a grouch and polished off all the chocolate in a 100 yard radius.

But now, seeing you all so perky and full of life and energy has given me a fresh new perspective. After work, DH & I headed to the gym for a nice hour-long swim. We figured the gym would be crowded from 5-7 pm, so we went at 8...but it was so packed, we had to drive around a bit to find a parking spot. I cannot believe so many people work out at that time! I haven't swam since September, so I felt rusty and slow, but with a couple of breaks, I managed to flap about for an hour. I am sure you'll get a kick out of watching me swim...I am a comical and inefficient swimmer. I've never taken swimming lessons and am a self-taught swimmer (er...not that I call myself a swimmer!). But, I don't care...I love the water and it felt so good to get my cardio...I've missed it so much these past 4 days!

The only problem with the late workout is an even later dinner. Dinner time is usually anywhere between 6:30 and 8, but today it had to wait till after 9. I've tried eating earlier, but if I do, I end up having 2 meals instead of one!

Somehow, swimming makes me hungrier than running. I was ravenous by 9 pm. Dinner was Top Ramen noodles, cooked with mixed veggies, egg and curry powder, and stir-fried onions and potatoes. It took 20 minutes to prepare and was quite tasty. Of course, by then anything would've tasted delicious!

I am late again for Take It and Run Thursday...but couldn't resist commenting when I saw the theme...Running Dreams & Wishes. Hmm...what would an injured runner wish for?

I wish I could keep on running for as long as humanly possible...with no concern about running style; with no orthotics, arch supports, braces, inserts...damn, I wish I could run with no shoes!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice swim. I hate eating late, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. And, it would be nice to always be able to injuries.

lauren said...

great job on the swimming. I am not the best swimmer either, but it is such a good workout! My new gym has a pool, so I want to try it out, but only when no one is around!

I always try to eat before 9pm, but like D10 says - it happens - no big deal. I ate after 9pm last night too. your dinner sounds good!!

BeachRunner said...

Nice swim. Sounds like you had a great workout. One more thing, can you stop torturing me with your delicious looking food pics. Dang!

Heather said...

I agree - I am always hungrier after swimming than running!