Saturday, November 8, 2008

Injured thigh...and ego

I am sure you will agree with me that one of the most frustrating things as a runner is to get injured when you are at your physical and mental peak.

I was looking forward to 2 beautiful, slow and easy runs to cap off a wonderful week. The 5K race last week left me feeling there was hidden potential in me, just waiting to be unleashed by a few crisp, focused training weeks.
My long run pace got me excited...if I could complete a 16-mile training run comfortably at a 10:15-10:30 minute per mile pace before my marathon training has even started, a sub-4 hour marathon in May 2009 should be a piece of cake.

And then disaster struck. I was planning to join the local running club on their Saturday morning run, when on Friday evening, after a low-intensity workout on the stationary bike, I pulled a muscle. I felt no pain when resting, but while walking or jogging, I was bothered by a mild, but shooting pain in my inner thigh, right above my knee (the adductor hiatus?), which got progressively worse, the longer I walked. On thinking back, I realized my thigh muscles had felt rather tight during the week inspite of stretching and warming up before runs; 20 minutes on the bike was just the last straw. I iced the spot, rested with my legs elevated for an hour or so, stretched and massaged the spot very gently and tried walking again, but it was obvious I needed rest. I was disappointed, but I firmly believe the earlier you pay attention to an injury, the sooner you will recover. I have only myself to blame: despite all my resolutions, I broke the cardinal rule - no speed work (or increasing pace) while building the base!

It happens every time but it doesn't stop people from trying...every time you try to fly too high, you come crashing to the earth!

I will try again on Monday, but at my old pace. Down the drain it 42-mile week!


lauren said...

oh no! so sorry this happened to you, but you are smart to get some rest and you still have so much time before May 2009!

Pearl said...

Oh..I hope it will get better soon. Take it easy ok?

BeachRunner said...

So sorry to hear about the injury. Your quick and smart reaction and treatment should aid in your recover. Rest and recover. Good luck.

Richard said...

Why do we fall? So we can get up and walk again. Rest.

I Run for Fun said...

Thanks so much, all. I feel much better already.

Well said, Richard. Will you be my motivation coach?