Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life without running

I didn't realize how structured my life was because of running. Until I stopped running.

For the past 3 days, while waiting for my tendon and thigh muscle to heal, I have been going to bed later because I don't have to wake up early for a run. I don't have to take a shower every morning, because I am not sweaty from a run. I have been working 13-14 hour days because I have no exercise / cross training schedule that forces me to tear myself away from the computer screen at 6 pm. When I run, I breakfast on a bowl of cereal and milk, OJ and a banana. Now, I have been skipping breakfast and eating all the junk I can lay my hands on.
When I woke up close to noon today, after finally drifting off to sleep at 3 am this morning, I realized that I badly need to start an exercise routine again...even if it is just walking, stretching, ab exercises, and maybe some time on the stationary bike. Or find a gym with a swimming pool. Starting tomorrow.

There was a sale at the library today and I bought 2 books I have enjoyed reading and would like to add to my collection.

I also bought 3 books from the Life World Library series...Australia & New Zealand, Israel and China.


lauren said...

oh man - I am SO with you there. I feel unmotivated and slightly depressed. I just want my hamstring to HEAL. and I need to stop eating so much!

lauren said...

oh and check out my blog - i left something there for you!

Anonymous said...

Running helps me keep things on track and organized. When I take time off, all gets out of wack.