Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blog Award

Lauren is such a sweetheart...she cheered me up no end with a Blog Award.

I must say Lauren's blog is one of my favorites. Right from the name athlEAT (isn't that neat!) to her lovely oatmeal creations. Reading her blog makes me feel at home...her food ideas have a cozy, curl-up-on-the-couch comfy feel about them. She is also an amazing, yet unassuming athlete. I draw inspiration from her blog, both athletic and culinary. Hats off to you, Lauren! And thank you for helping me out of my injury-induced funk.

Here are the other blogs I think definitely deserve a Blog Award (and if you would in turn, like to post your favorite blogs, please do):

Beachrunner Beachy is so lovable and full of heart; with a sparky sense of humor. You cannot not love him!

Just Running For Fun She is such a determined and thorough runner and her passion for running and for life is unmistakable.

Haza She calls herself Running Mom. Her blog is witty, charming, endearing and loaded with self-deprecating humor.

Teacherwoman I love her festive-looking blog Dare To Tri. And I am in awe of triathletes who, oh by the way...also happen to be runners!

Heather I have only recently started reading Heather's blog, but quickly became a fan. She is a talented runner; lives and runs in the midst of mind-blowing scenery in Oregon, a state I've always wanted to visit; has a degree in journalism, something I've dreamed of doing but never did.


teacherwoman said...

Thanks a bunch for the blog award! Totally unexpected! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Cheers to a great week ahead of us all!

lauren said...

Thanks so much for your kind words!! :))

BeachRunner said...

Wow. Thank you for the award and your kind words. The feeling is mutual.