Monday, October 20, 2008

Keeping fingers & toes crossed: Week 3

Completed 2 weeks of running 5 days a week (and cross training 3 days)! I keep repeating this, because it is a big deal to me. It proves I can be consistent if I really want to. In my running book, this is second only to completing the marathon. After the hike on Saturday, I thought I would need more motivation for Sunday's run...but nope! I just hopped out of bed and sailed through 5 miles. Well, it was not entirely smooth sailing; the blister has stopped bothering me, but for the first mile or so, pain on the top of my foot reduced my run to a limp. Luckily, it disappeared after 2 miles. The last few weeks, my feet have started to swell more during and immediately after a run; and by the time the swelling goes down, it's time to run again! My Size 8 1/2 Saucony ProGrid Hurricane shoes, which normally fit so well, are becoming tighter, causing pain. Retying the shoelaces did help a little.

I bought a ton of gatorade in fruit punch flavor. Yuck! I hate it when I cannot find lemon gatorade.

This week, if all goes well, I will complete 39 miles (7, 7, 14, 6, 5) with maybe one tempo run, to prep for the 5K next Saturday.


lauren said...

hey - I started out wearing size 8.5 running shoes about 5 years ago. Today, I am up to a size 9.5! Definitely get a larger pair!

I Run for Fun said...

Really? That's funny. I wear size 7in dress shoes, so I feel ridiculous that a size 8.5 feels tight!