Monday, October 20, 2008

7 miles and a headache

I brought home a headache from work today. And a raging hunger.

The headache is from staring unblinking at a computer screen for hours. I used to follow that with staring at a TV screen for hours. Thank heavens for broke the vicious circle!

I ignored the headache and fed the hunger with chicken noodle soup and bread. Not a good idea, 15 minutes before a 7-mile run! I felt like a food processor for the first 3 miles. But I persisted and tried to focus on other things. Like the sub 60 degree weather; or the quickly approaching darkness. I ran slower than usual, trying to lessen the incessant churning.

DH joined me for the last 2 miles; and I picked up the pace to keep up with him. I always enjoy company during a run, especially when my thoughts turn to quitting mid-run. Luckily, the swirling had stopped and only a trace of the headache remained. And I was happy I could complete the run!


Anonymous said...

Headaches are the worst especially after a days work. Way to not let it prevent you from getting outside and running.

lauren said...

ha - your food processor reference made me laugh. But good job on the run!