Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekends in fall

What do people do for entertainment in fall (that is, if they don't want to spend it all on birthday parties, baby showers and christenings)? We spent spring and summer weekends hiking, rafting, swimming, fishing, BBQ'ing, a show in NYC, a trip to Philly City. Swimming is out now, and DH is not keen on rafting or fishing in the cool, sometimes nipping fall breeze. I am trying to coax him into another hiking trip, but maddeningly, he seems to have be entering his hibernation zone already.

The marathon last weekend somehow seemed the end of structured weekends. Having a marathon to plan, train for and look forward to gave me a discipline that carried forward in other planning weekends. The past week and the next 2 weeks, I will be in reverse taper...i.e. chill out mode. I am planning to up the mileage to 50-55 mpw 5 days a week, during the next training cycle, with serious strength and cross training 3 days a week. That means, no lazy, half-a$$ days; no ignoring the alarm in pre-dawn darkness ; and no postponed runs. Hmm...not sure if my lazy bones can handle it.

But, until then, it's idle weekdays and disorganized weekends.

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