Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Marathon Recovery

Recovery after a marathon is just as difficult mentally, as the taper!

I've looked forward to running again after the marathon. If only to satisfy my curiosity...how do bodies respond to the first 2 mile run after a 26.2?

So far it's been good...I did an occasional ride on the stationary bike, a day or 2 of free weights, apart from the stretching.

I ran with DH today...felt a little stiff around the knees and achilles tendon throughout the run; but no aches. I kept the speed regular...not too slow. If I felt normal, I would do 12-14 miles this week. As I entered the second mile, I felt the slight twinge in my knees...and realized that I better go by the book. It will be 25% of my training mileage this week...i.e. 10 miles.

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