Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pearl of his eye

DH has a passion and an inclination toward music. If there was one thing in the world he could choose to be, it would be a professional singer/musician. While he is reasonably good on the guitar, he has an absolute knack for the drums. And while I share his love for the melody, I am one of the least musically talented people you will find. But this doesn't stop us from our attempts to create music together.

Since DH bought his first drum set (a shiny metallic black Pearl set with a bass drum, 3 toms, complete with cymbal, crash and throne) our basement has everything an amateur band would need. Drawing our musical repertoire from youtube, I howl soulfully while DH plays the guitar, or he pounds away on his drums while I falter through a basic tune on the keyboard. Bottomline: we have fun. The Musicians of Bremen would be proud of us!

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