Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last day at the pool

Just 2 weeks to the marathon! While I am happy not to have to set aside an hour or more for most of my runs for the next 2 weeks, I feel I really need to, particularly after a gastronomic weekend like this one.

After the seafood dinner followed by curd rice and fried fish last night, I prepared a slightly modified version of a South Indian vegetarian wedding feast today (rice with sambhar, dhal and curd, carrot and cabbage poriyal, snake-gourd kootu, cucumber pachidi, appalam, mango pickle and paruppu payasam). I don't know what got into me - but a very grateful DH volunteered to do all the dishes afterward - which is not normal!

A couple of hours later, still drowsy from the heavy meal, I reluctantly dragged myself out for a 4-mile run, thinking that this is how an anaconda must feel when it has just gobbled up an overweight buffalo. I could feel the reverse passage of dhal and rice up my food pipe the first couple of miles into the run.

Today is the last day the pool will be open this year, so DH and I took ourselves off for a swim afterward. We flopped around, still rendered sluggish by lunch. I will miss these evenings in the pool. It's been a routine, 2-4 days a week these last 3 1/2 months, I've enjoyed leaping into the cold water after a hot and grimy day, and it's the only exercise I can get DH to do consistently without being a nag. We've been making plans to join a gym, but I'm just not sure if we have the discipline to drive ourselves to a gym after work.

Ho hum! I don't have the energy to deal with this decision right now - it'll have to wait till after the marathon.

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