Friday, September 12, 2008

Erie, here I come!

We are leaving for Erie today! While DH works from home, I am packing, printing out directions and doing some last-minute preparation. I guess you never feel fully ready for a marathon. I have advertised the race to my colleagues, family and friends, so there's no backing out now. My colleagues heartily wished me well last evening and my parents called last night.

I've packed 2 sets of running clothes and 2 well-used socks and shoes. I am hoping there are adequate number of water, gatorade and gel stations, because though I have a gigantic water and fuel belt, I have never practised wearing it during training, and hate to lug the bulky thing around. Nothing like running light.

On the one hand, I am nervously hoping that all my training will come together on that critical day. As the books recommend, I have cooked up a dream timing and a realistic timing...none of this is based on real fact - determined to have fun this training cycle, I never timed myself on a run. I read and re-read race tips, both physical and psychological.

On the other hand, I've started thinking about my post-race running plan, in anticipation of post-marathon depression (though I tend to think I will be relieved to get this over with, not depressed!) If all goes well and I can complete the race on Sunday without killing or crippling myself, I will gradually settle into a 5-day a week running plan, increase my base to 35-45 mpw, then throw in a few tempo runs. Ah, but my overactive mind is racing ahead of itself. I rein myself in with difficulty and focus on the immediate.

DH is exhausted after a sleep study last night, so I might have to drive most of the way...which I am not looking forward to. I still need to shop for pre-race and post-race snacks and drinks, complete my last 2-mile run (not counting the shake-out run I plan to do on the course tomorrow), shower and throw some lunch together before we leave...better get moving!

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