Sunday, September 7, 2008

Resting - an art form

DH has perfected the art of resting. He can lie on the couch in front of the TV all day, in semi-supine position (C-shaped), butt sticking out (our couch is a doll-sized klippan from IKEA, to fit our doll-sized living room), feet on the coffee table, eyes half-closed, TV remote held loosely in hand. For the most part, his attention is focused on the TV, but he does occasionally drift off into a partially-meditative state.

I have tried this before, but have never been able to last more than a few minutes at a time. For one thing, I can never hold the pose. And my mind wanders. I think about the chores that need to be done, the repairs around the house we've been putting off, and library books I need to return. I get my meditation from running.

So, when DH and I decided that this weekend would be 2 days of complete rest, in preparation for the marathon, it actually meant a weekend of rest for him and chores for me!

I must admit - he is not averse to helping me with dishes and cooking, but on Saturday morning, he cut his finger while doing a load of dishes, thereby evoking all my feminine sympathy and earning an extended reprieve. And of course, we women like to pamper and spoil loved ones incapacitated by injury, so DH got the 5-star treatment. I whipped up another South Indian wedding feast (sambhar and curd rice, avarakka poriyal, vazhakka poriyal, cabbage and carrot poriyal, and left-over parauppu payasam). And he was completely exempted from chores...2 loads of laundry followed by folding clothes, a mountain of dishes, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms and washing stinky shoes and socks.

Of course, I also had a whole lot of grocery shopping to do. And the 8-mile "long run" on Saturday morning, which felt like another chore. Somehow the meager miles I have to put in during the taper seem like more work than the weeks of 35-40-milers I used to look forward to! I am just impatient for the race. This seems like such a looong training cycle!

There goes my weekend of "rest"!

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