Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sherry Arnold

You may have heard of Sherry Arnold, the runner/school teacher from Billings, Montana, who was abducted and choked to death while out on a run on Saturday, January 7. It gave me chills, as I am sure it did with everyone else who read/heard about it. Every runner who has ever ventured out on an early morning run probably thought, "This could have been me". You mave have participated in the virtual run in Sherry's memory on February 11. I went on a run on February 11. Wondering what went through her mind during her last run, and during those final fatal moments. Thinking of her family and friends, and what a needless waste her death was. And of how carefully we plan every aspect of our lives, while death lurks around the corner. I fervently hope her family finds the peace they need and deserve; that the horror of her death fades; and that her family can eke out some modicum of comfort from cherished memories of her.
The Iron Strength Workout

Since my visit to Dr. Jordan Metzl on Friday, I have learned what a celebrity he is. The video he emailed me while I was in his office, is this:,7120,s6-238-263-266-14177-0,00.html.
He is 'Runners' World' famous! Read the comments on his Iron strength workout video...all super-appreciative and congratulatory. I feel like St. Thomas, the Doubter, questioning his method. I remember seeing this video on runnersworld a while ago, thinking that it looked pretty intense. I am more of a Pilates girl myself, and religiously grind out hour-long core-strengthening Pilates workouts twice a week. Aside from a half hour a week on the leg machines at the gym (calf raises, lower back, leg presses, hip adductor and abductor, and hamstring curl). That is my contribution toward muscle strength. I do have reasonably strong abs. Even if I say so myself. But I admit, I could probably use some leg strengthening. What I found out about the Iron strength workout (which I pounded out yesterday after a short, easy run and a longer, intense pool run), was that they make you see stars! I was sweating profusely after a few minutes and could barely complete the minimum recommended plyometric squats, situps and burpees. Don't even ask me about form...I am sure I looked like a staggering drunkard. I kept telling DH between gasps, that he would probably need to drag me out of bed tomorrow.

This morning, I woke up with scratchy throat, heavy head and legs that felt like lead. I was scheduled for a pool run, which I blew off, with no guilty conscience whatsoever. After that workout, I deserved a day off! The killer Iron Strength Workout is targeted at strengthening, but also improving flexibility and elasticity through plyometrics. I have no doubt laboring through this thrice a week will improve my strength. What remains to be seen is if it will also improve my running and keep me from getting injured. Stay tuned!

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Beth said...

Good luck with your workout. It sounds intense! I bet you will be happy with the results. That was a very sad story about a fellow runner. Just senseless and sad.