Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Interesting Races in 2010

I usually don't advertise my monthly mileage totals, because they're not that impressive. But looking back, I didn't do too bad in November. Mileage was in the 30's 3 out of the 4 weeks; and a race was run. I feel justified in blowing my horn, just a tiny bit.

So, total mileage for November is 130 miles (yeah, yeah, not earth-shattering, but in case some of you are not tired of hearing this already, let me point out to my "I've been recovering from injury" excuse again).

After the Turkey Trot on Saturday, my quads were killing me...I'm told this could happen when you run a PR-worthy race with little to no speedwork prior to the race. I soldiered on through 6 miles of running/walking on Monday and 7 miles yesterday. Tonight, I head to the gym...not sure yet what I will be in the mood for...maybe spinning?

Glenn came up with the plan of doing a race a month next year and in this new, race-crazy mood that I find myself in, I needed no convincing. In the process of unearthing fun/challenging/unusual 2010 races in NY/NJ, here's what I came up with. Some of them are local races and not all are up yet. I am not going to commit to running all of them (or even some of them!) but they looked interesting and I wanted to share a few. Has anyone done any of these races before?

Freezing Cold Hash Run

Browning Ross Winter Series 10-miler

Celebrate Life Half Marathon

Indian Trails 15K - I have done this race before and it thoroughly kicked my butt last time. This time, I have a couple of hill runs under my belt, so it'll be interesting to see who kicks who's butt.

Towpath Training Run - This run (note: not race) with the club was a ton of fun this year. Hopefully, I can run/walk/crawl it next year.

Running With The Devil - This one is way beyond the scope of my imagination, let alone execution, but it sounds good and adds color to my list!

Navesink Challenge 15K - The race is not up yet, but the website says the race course comprises legendary hills which were created in the last Ice Age...intriguing!

Hot Chili Challenge

Hashathon 6-mile trail race - Another hilly one.

Now, because you're all my favorite people and a little more competition won't kill me, let me give you a little hint: hurry over to Erica's blog and try your luck at her Aurorae yoga mat giveaway.


Erica said...

A race a month? How fun! I can't wait to read all of the race recaps. You should DEF toot your own horn more- those mileage numbers are quite the accomplishments. Thanks for the shout out!

aron said...

those all sound very fun!!! i love all the different distances too :)

and 130 miles is GREAT!!! you should def be bragging - great job!

Jill said...

Recently found your blog, enjoy reading about your journey. That's impressive mileage with an injury. And I have not done any of those races, I don't think I live in that neck of the woods (from Denver) but they look really awesome!

teacherwoman said...

looks like a bunch of great events!

Abby said...

130 miles is more than I've ever run in a month :)

The races look great - I like the Run with the Devil!

Beth said...

Great job in November! That is a lot of miles and you had a great race, too. Good for you! Those races look like a lot of fun. It's so hard to choose, it's like choosing between parties.

The Happy Runner said...

Great mileage for Nov! I'd take it :)

Looks like some interesting races for 2010. One a month sounds like fun!

lindsay said...

a race a month would be a fun goal! i would like to get into racing more often myself... but i am slack about signing up for them for some reason.

congrats on the november mileage! toot that horn! :)

Mica said...

What a neat goal, with lots of fun races!

And 130 miles for November? Rock on!

Heather said...

130 miles for November is awesome!

Love your race list. I love planning a year's worth of races this time of year - so much to look forward to.

Sarah said...

130 miles in Nov is great!!! Awesome! I have never run any of those. I need to start planning next year's races too. :)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

WOW 130 miles in a month! You're hardcore lady! Those look like some fantastic races!

Irene said...

I did plan a race a month "challenge" for myself in 2007. I ended up doing 14, I think. It kept the training going, even when I wasn't feeling it. I even met a lot of great people doing all of those races. At the end of that year I felt a great sense of accomplishment.

Staci Dombroski said...

130 miles is awesome!! It looks like you have a good race schedule going on! I hope you have a great weekend!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I so WISH that I had more money and time I would love to do a race a month.. And taht is some SERIOUS mileage...way to go

Tricia said...

Congrats on the miles!

Ali said...

a race a month is a great idea!

I like the sound of the hot chilli challenge.