Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who would you run with?

Jillian at Finishing is Winning has the QOTD on TIART over at Runners Lounge.
You get to run the last six miles of your next marathon with 6 different people. They can be dead or alive; famous or not famous. Who are these people and why did you pick them? Furthermore, why did you pick them for the specific mile you did? Remember, you get an extra .2 miles with runner #6.

Let's see:

Mile 21: DH. I have always enjoyed running with him though I don't think running is his idea of enjoyment at all! I suspect the knee 'injury' he's been having for the past few months is here to stay, so he doesn't have to come up with crisp excuses every time he is wheedled into running with yours truly.

Mile 22: My dad and brothers. Ever since my brothers and I left the nest, every family reunion has involved running...lots of it. And we enjoy running together now more than ever.

Mile 23: Running buddy, Glenn. I always have a blast running with him...and I'm fairly confident he feels the same about me. I hope this mile includes hills, because we do best when we push each other.

Mile 24: Blog buddies. Your running is a big source of inspiration for me. I've run countless virtual miles with you...I would love to run one real mile with all of you.

Mile 25: Joan Benoit Samuelson. She is such an inspiring runner! I am sure I will get my butt handed to me on a plate by her, but I would cherish the opportunity, nevertheless.

The last mile and 0.2: Paula Radcliffe, of course...because if I am running the last mile with Paula, I am most likely in one of the top spots...and I really don't mind coming second to her!

Getting back to reality, I am still struggling with injury issues. I am sure I can run with no pain, but I'd rather not push it. There is this tenderness in the fibula that is annoyingly similar to a previous injury. And I know running through it is NOT the answer. Swimming was going well for a couple of weeks, till I got to a point where I could recognize every speck of dirt and strand of hair in the pool. In the interest of preserving my sanity, I am now mixing things up...a combination of the elliptical, stairmaster and the bike. I still miss running outdoors, especially since this is the time of the year when I enjoy being outdoors the most. But the important thing is, I am still on my feet.

By the way, I was trying to get into my blog this morning and got an error message, that the blog had been deleted. The message went on to say I might have violated the terms of use, etc. Well, I was pretty sure I hadn't been posting pornographic content or even naughty I fiddled around a bit (which is what I usually do when I am clueless), and after a few minutes, was able to get in. Have any of you encountered this?


Irene said...

I've experienced not being able to get into my blog, but never the violation of terms message. Weird. It's gotta be a glitch in the Blogger system.

It sounds like you're doing everything right and I really hope you're back to running pain free!

Roisin said...

I'd gladly run mile 24 with you :) Of course, I might be too slow for you though!

I'm struggling with an injury of sorts myself, so I feel ya on the "play it safe" meme.

Haven't had that issue with not being able to get into my blog. Send an email to blogger?

Mica said...

Aww, I'd definitely run Mile 24 with you!!

Erica said...

This is such a fun idea (naming who you'd want to run with). Love it! Glad the mixing up of exercises is working out well for you. Never encountered that problem- that is craziness!

Emily said...

That happened to me once. I think they thought I was posting crazy links. I don't know. Glad your blog is still here, though!

Hope your injuries continue to heal.

lindsay said...

great answers! i especially like your final mile - coming in 2nd to paula would not be bad at all! :)

that's very weird about blogger... i haven't had anything like that (yet, fingers crossed) but hopefully it was just a random glitch? i'd definitely send blogger an email.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Great list! :)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

GReat list.. I have never had that problem, I would freak out!!

BEst of luck with your injuries..

Thanks for your comment..

Heather said...

I like your list! I would love to run with Paula Radcliffe too - she is awesome.

Marlene said...

Hmm, haven't encountered that... hopefully it won't happen again. I find blogger can be "moody" at times... my reading list is constantly disappearing. Annoying.

I love your answers... that's a great list.

Beth said...

I totally agree with your choices of Joan and Paula. I'm sure your family is lovely so I will agree with that choice, too. :) I'm sorry you are having fibula issues. I hope it resolves itself soon. No, I've never had that blogger problem. I'm glad you aren't doing anything naughty because I would miss catching up with you!

Coloradan said...

Hope you recover soon from your injuries. Take care.

joyRuN said...

Excellent list!

I've enjoyed running with my family this past week - it's been such a nice change since I usually run solo :)

The Happy Runner said...

Great list! I would love to run the last 1.2 miles of a marathon with Paula. How cool, right?

Joan Samuelson is such an inspiration. I just love her!

X-Country2 said...

Great list! I'll have to google Joan since I don't know much about her.

aron said...

i would definitely want to run with all the bloggers!!