Sunday, May 24, 2009

Precious pool time

Four things support the world: the learning of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the good, and the valor of the brave

It's been a relaxing long weekend so far. DH had to stay home beside his pager, in anticipation of calls from work, so we had friends over, watched lousy movies, and my ears are ringing from listening to DH drumming all weekend. We did manage to sneak away for lunch at IHOP today...yummy stuffed french toast combo!
My cousin and his friends stayed with us on Thursday and Friday, so there was some cooking involved (fried rice, mushroom fry, gobi masala, and onion and tomato salad). I only took one pic, so I leave the rest to your imagination.

Swimming's going very well. So well, that I am afraid I may be overdoing it. I have a problem...I never know when to stop!

Monday: 500 yards
Tuesday: 1000 yards
Wednesday: 1600 yards
Saturday: 1800 yards
Sunday: 1900 yards

Thanks to this intensive pool time, my skinny arms are becoming toned and my skin and hair perpetually reek of chlorine.
The monotony of doing laps has become a sort of meditation. I stare at the blue floor of the pool or the white ceiling as I crawl forward, refining the breathing technique, counting the number of strokes, watching other swimmers under water (sounds creepy, but it is very's how I improved my swimming. I have a way of doing this unobtrusively, so please don't feel horrifed - I don't gape!)

My foot has stopped hurting completely, so I will attempt a run tomorrow. But I like the idea of alternating running with swimming, so I might just do that. Faced with minor injuries a few times in the past year that have taken me away from running, I've developed a philosophical attitude about it. I enjoy running and it's made me a stronger and more balanced person, and charged me with a boatload of physical energy. But I am not too keen on participating in races right now (of course, that could change tomorrow!), my country does not rely on me to break any world records in running, and life has a lot to offer besides running, so I will happily throw that energy into any activity within the realm of possibility that exhausts me and leaves me feeling fulfilled....swimming, hiking, biking, or anything else.

What's better than cold banana milkshake with a squirt of chocolate syrup, after 76 laps in the pool? Though it took a lot of hinting, some badgering and finally outright nagging, DH stepped up to the plate and came up with this ambrosia, which I am sipping as I type.


Anonymous said...

Great swim workouts! I can see how the monotony of doing laps works like meditation.

The food looks very good! The best food in the world is the food enjoyed after a good work-out.

Mica said...

You make swimming laps sound so appealing, especially if there is a milkshake at the end!

(Gobi masala, mmmm!)

Emily said...

Thanks for the comment!

I wish I were better at sounds like a great alternative activity to running.

Anonymous said...

So glad the foot isn't bothering you, good luck on the run.

Great job in the pool too. I have noticed toning in my arms also.

Oh, the french toast looks delicious.

X-Country2 said...

That is some serious swimming! A milkshake VERY well earned.

Coloradan said...

I never knew you could swim those distances.Great job!.I look at other swimmers under water as well and that is how I learned breast stroke. Good Luck with your running.

Abby said...

When I swam competitively, I used to sing Christmas carols in my head. Kind of weird - especially for a Jew! - but it got the job done.

Nice work on the pool time!

Erica said...

Man- its been forever since I've had IHOP! That french toast looks awesome. Glad the swimming is going well.

teacherwoman said...

Great work in the pool!

Marlene said...

That's a lot of swimming! You have a good attitude - I think it's all about balance. Whatever makes us happy and healthy, right? Glad to hear the foot is feeling good!

lauren said...

wow - you are really into the swimming - that is great! I wish I was a better swimmer...because it is such a great workout. Do you do freestyle the entire time?

Amy said...

You post is making me HUNGRY...French toast AND a milkshake!? mmm, you're a girl after my own heart.

I'm glad you have a healthy attitude towards cross training. You are one heck of a swimmer!

The Happy Runner said...

All that food looks great!

Glad that your foot is no longer hurting. I hope the run goes well!

Heather said...

You are becoming quite the fish! I wish I could get into swimming . . . just no pool close enough to make it feasible.

Sarah said...

I have found that alternating running and biking has really helped me to stay away from injuries.

That french toast looks AMAZING!

Vickie said...

What a coincidence. I started swimming when I had a foot injury years ago and look what evolved for me--triathlon. You're one step closer to being on your way.