Thursday, April 2, 2009

The magic of Manhattan

I took the train into Manhattan today, to attend a conference. While I don't particularly enjoy schlepping through the city in the early hours of the day for work reasons, it was an interesting change from the routine. I find it fascinating to watch the teeming sidewalks, purposeful crowds spilling onto the roads, perfectly in step with the changing traffic lights, always in a hurry to get someplace.

It was a perfectly warm day, meant for loitering. So after the conference, I loitered. Instead of taking the subway, I took my time walking to Penn Station, drinking in the sights and smells of the Big of the few places where you can act the shameless tourist even if you aren't one. I felt kind of left out, I didn't bring my camera. There were tons of amateur and professional photographers, clicking pictures of everything in sight.

I wandered around NY Public Library. Is it any surprise that of all places I end up in the library? I think I have already established that I am a nerd. That vast, old building with high ceilings and beautiful architecture in the midst of cramped Manhattan, where every inch of space is accounted for, is a marvellous thing.

On the train back to NJ, I overheard the following conversation (for the record, I wasn't eavesdropping...these 2 were in the seat in front of me and were talking loudly enough for everyone to hear).

Girl: Women mature earlier than than men, you know.
Boy: That's true. Your boobs start getting bigger at 12.
Girl: I don't mean just physical. Women are mentally more mature.
Boy: Yeah, right.
Girl: It's true. You can read about it anywhere.
Boy: Well, women do have lots of issues.
Girl: Maybe they do because they have to deal with immature idiots around them.

A trip to NYC is never boring!

I accomplished an hour of core work today. Apart from BodyWorks class at the gym once a week, I do an hour or two of core work every week. It is usually a weak workout, done in half-hearted fashion, while watching TV and munching on baby carrots. Today, it lasted for an hour and was pretty robust...abs got crunched, biceps and triceps got a solid workout.

And, I am not a city gal, so walking in Manhattan counts as cross-training for me.

This week went by quick...not that I'm complaining. Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

Heh, it's great to overhear such discussions, especially when the people having them have no clue others can hear them.

Have a good weekend!

joyRuN said...

HA! That girl is sooo right :)

Anonymous said...

What a great conversation to overhear! Glad you enjoyed the city.

lindsay said...

haha that girl is very wise! glad you enjoyed your time in the city and nice job on a hardcore core workout! mine are usually half-ass... :)

J said...

I wish I lived closer to a really big city so that I could just go and walk around. I think the one place I haven't been to in NYC is the library! I think i need to work on that!

Marlene said...

I really, really love NYC and reading your post makes me want to go back sooooo badly!

Have a great weekend!

Roisin said...

I agree...a walk in Manhattan definitely counts as cardio! Way to crunch those abs!

I love overhearing conversations on the train. People do say the strangest things!

Pearl said...

hahahha that conversation is so funny :)

lauren said...

ha! great convo.

have a wonderful weekend.

The Happy Runner said...

Wow, an hour of core work is, well, hard core!

Have a great weekend!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Fun post. While I was born in New York State, I grew up in the midwest. I've visited NYC 2x as an adult. There is so much there to take great pictures of! You'd definitely see me taking photos.

Harsha said...

It sounds like a fun day in the city. Don't you just love the conversations we overhear!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

X-Country2 said...

People watching/listening is one of my favorite hobbies. :o)

Girl on Top said...

LOL about the conversation on the train. Isn't it fun to listen to what others talk about...or maybe it's just me!