Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I don't usually go crying to the doctor for a running-related injury which can be cured simply by packs of ice and that dreaded prescription no runner can easily digest - REST. And in my case, the diagnosis is clearly overuse or shoes needing replacement (don't mean to self-diagnose, but you read the symptoms and you agree, right?)

What I had overlooked though, is an inflammation above my left foot (where the lower leg meets the foot). It doesn't hurt, but the shin still feels quite tender right above this spot .

I went to my GP to get a referral to the sports doc, because I am on a HMO. Groan! It's worked alright up to now because I rarely go to the doc, but at times like this when I get pushed through the referral process, I wish I had a different health plan.

My GP is a friendly, smiling man. He doesn't waste much time and doesn't stand around waiting for questions. You have to have them ready to shoot out the minute he stops talking. I was not sure I really needed a referral...I just wanted someone to tell me the bump was harmless, unrelated to the shooting pain I had in my shin yesterday; and that I could go back to running miles and miles a week. Silly naive me! He pressed the bump with his thumb and when I said it felt tender, he declared without any hesitation, that it was tendonitis. Just rest and take motrin to bring down the swelling, he said. The tendon could take a while to properly heal, so take it running or fast walking for at least 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS! Does he even know what that will do to me??? Then he was gone, before I could decide whether I needed a referral or not. Oh well, I don't think I need a specialist to tell me the same thing.

At least I have my box of Belgian chocolates to chow chocolate a day nonsense anymore...a girl needs all the consolation she can get at a time like this!


lauren said...

oh no! so sorry to hear this! I am with you though - me, the couch, and some chocolate truffles - that is my scene for awhile because of my hammy! rest up!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate makes things feel better. Sorry to hear about this. Hopefully, you will have a quick revcover.

BeachRunner said...

Sorry to hear you are hurting. Dang that stinks. But it is good that you know what it is you are dealing with, and what you need to do to recover. Try to make the best of the rest and recovery process.