Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lethargic Long Run

This morning, I found it more difficult than ever to haul myself out of bed and lace up the running shoes. The usual culprits...warm bed, cozily-curled up DH and 40 degree temperature outside. It's never easy rolling out of bed at 5 am, but this sudden drop in temperatures has just damaged all my will-power.

Any other day in the week, I would have indulged my laziness. But today was long run day. I knew guilt would kill me if I missed it. My goal is to step up the mileage to 51 mpw in 5 weeks; I better not miss the most important run in the week; or it will all come tumbling down!

Here's the(tentative) schedule:

Week of Oct 20: 39 miles
Week of Oct 27: 25 miles (including 5K race)
Week of Nov 03: 42 miles
Week of Nov 10: 45 miles
Week of Nov 17: 48 miles
Week of Nov 24: 30 miles (including 15K race)
Week of Dec 1: 51 miles

So, dressed in track pants, full-sleeved base layer top, headband and ski gloves (regular gloves don't do the trick for me), I chugged along, blowing steam (literally) into the fall air. I try to live by my "Run For Fun" motto, but on days like this, IT'S NOT EASY! This was the longest 14-miler ever!

My post-run meal - turkey sandwich with onion, tomato (we've run out of lettuce) and peanut butter on wheat bread (gotta buy more bread) and a glass of cold milk (down to the last drop).

I make a mental grocery list, as I make the sandwich. These days, I seem to be eating everything in sight. We stock the refrigerator every weekend, and by the end of the next week, there's not a thing left!


Anonymous said...

I agree with wanted to stay in a nice cozy place instead of running outside in cooler temps. Great job getting out there and running.

lauren said...

so impressed!! I could never do it!!

I Run for Fun said...

Thanks, d10.

Lauren, believe me, if it was not a long run, I would definitely given in to temptation!