Sunday, October 12, 2008

Skeletons on the doorstep

Inspired by a life-size skeleton hanging by his neck in the garden of a house we run by, DH and I decided to do a spot of decorating for halloween this year. I was impressed by the selection of ghost, skeleton and ghoul-related items the local party store carried. Skeletons in chains, ghosts and devils in costumes, bags of bones, cobwebs, bloodied arms, legs, and other body parts, masks and costumes, halloween-themed jewelry and party favors. I reached for a candy bowl with a blood-stained arm in it and almost jumped out of my skin when the arm came down on mine while the bowl spoke to me. That, along with my 'scream' mask, and the skeletons and green ghost-shaped lights now hanging outside my door will definitely make me pretty popular among my 4-year old neighbors on halloween day.

I assure you, they look more impressive in the dark!

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