Thursday, October 16, 2008


One of the things I've learned about long-distance running is to expect the unexpected. After 2 years of running, I thought I knew my body well enough to make sweeping statements like the one I made to my brother just after I completed my first marathon. "I never get blisters". (In fact, I am so confident in my immunity to blisters that I have never used Vaseline, petroleum jelly, talcum powder, duct tape or any other blister prevention technique). We decided it was a genetic trait; he never got any either. He has been climbing mountains for the past 3 years and remains blissfully blister-free, to the envy of his severely blistered climbing buddies.

Three days ago, 3 miles into a 7-mile run, I developed my first painful blister between 2 toes of my left foot. The next day, another 7 miles later, the blister got more painful and grew in size; and 2 other little ones emerged on my right foot.

I suspected it had something to do with my Asics Gel Nimbus 9 shoes. When I found out the Gel Nimbus 8 had been discontinued (why, why, why???), the Nimbus 9 was my next logical choice; and I had read rave reviews about them. But right from the beginning, they have caused me more harm than good. They took ages to break in, phantom pains appeared in different parts of my foot and ankle when I ran in them (maybe I need a bigger size?). So, I reserved them for shorter and slower runs. But, now that I am upping the mileage, my shorter runs are not so short anymore; and Nimbus is in attack mode again. I must also remember to change my running socks every once in a while!

Back to my blister: You must know that I am a wuss. I could not muster the courage to perform the recommended razor blade operation on my blister. So, today's 12-mile long run was done in my Saucony ProGrid Hurricane 10 shoes, blister and all. Fortunately, the shoes prevented more damage, but the little painful fella has grown to the size of a blackberry.

I might have to perform the operation after all!


Anonymous said...

Pop the blister! I hate them, though I don't get them often. Hope the new shoes just needed some time to break in.

I Run for Fun said...

I know I should do it...but I am sooo chicken! cluck cluck!

lauren said...

oh man - that is me! I never get blisters either. Hopefully I didnt just jinx myself! :)Definitely pop it and get some of the second skin stuff!