Monday, September 15, 2008


What an experience!

I was slightly disappointed by my timing, but had been prepared for the worst. There are too many variables during a race. Being able to complete injury-free should be any first-timer's main priority.

I was aching from hip to toe, not to mention my stiff neck, shoulders and arms; and desperately needed an ice bath. The motel room did not have a bath tub, but I had had an eye on the swimming pool since we got here.

We drove to the motel and discovered we were locked out...though we were originally told that check-out had been extended to 2 pm for the marathon. We were asked to check out at
1 pm instead. I had to forget the pool. A quick cold shower would have to do (as quick as I could manage with severely cramped and aching joints and muscles). DH threw our bags on the back seat of the car (which meant I could not stretch myself out on the back seat, as I desperately wanted to) and we left Erie at 1:30 pm.

With few pit stops, we made it home at 9:30 pm and after dinner, I crashed into a dreamless sleep.

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