Friday, August 8, 2008

To run or not to run

I enjoy early morning runs so much! After the initial drag of lugging my a$$ off bed, going through the ablutions, staring at my drowsy face in the mirror and convincing myself that this is indeed what the doctor prescribed, I usually perk up, don my running gear and head off into the crisp, inviting morning air.

Not this morning, though. Last night, I declared to DH that I need my 8 hours of beauty sleep a night. 7 hours is just not cutting it. 4 days of running (28-40 mpw) and 4-5 days of swimming (1/4-1/2 mile of laps) and occasional strength training are taking their toll...fatigue hits at times, especially when the mind is weak. When the alarm went off this morning, I promptly swatted it off and drifted into la-la land again. My legs and arms felt tired and unwilling to cooperate this morning. I decided to skip this run and make it a 30-mile week. Of course, this was all decided in my sloth-like state at 7 am, so after I am fully awake, I reevaluated my state of mind and body.

I really must learn to differentiate between genuine fatigue and sheer laziness. I took 3 days off my training plan 3 weeks ago (my first break in 8 weeks), because I felt my body needed the rest and rejuvenation (To my credit, I haven't missed a long run to date). But this one feels like a french leave.

I am scheduled to work from home today, so as I put in the man hours, I am hit by pangs of guilt...I really must complete my run this evening. Maybe 7 nice and easy miles, followed by a leisurely swim. Then, dinner and a movie with friends. Sounds good.

Running thro' sprinklers
I completed my 7 mile run...and though I did manage to run at a tempo pace for part of the distance, I felt squeaky and in need of oiling. It had just rained and the sun was coming out...tentatively at first, then in it's blazing brightness. So, I was happy to run thro' a few cooling sprinklers on Stanton Avenue. I skipped the swim, though...relaxing or not, it was an ambitious plan. DH and I spent the evening with friends, watching the Opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Beijing - 8/8/08 on their big screen TV in HD...quite spectacular. They have 2 cute little girls, who are generally very doll-like and well-behaved (the older one who is 3 1/2, insisted on lending me her night-suit, so I could stay the night).

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