Monday, August 18, 2008

The Count down begins!

My last official training week starts today. I will be on the 'taper' beginning next week, leading up to the marathon on September 14.

I am now a bit anxious, trying to play it safe. I have doubts about my ability to pull this off. It is one thing to lumber through a 23 miler on a training run by myself, with no one to goad my competitive spirit, but to be able to maintain a comfortable pace throughout a race to avoid crashing and burning, when the temptation to speed up and pass others is significant, is a totally different ball game. At both half marathons I completed, I ran much faster than I had anticipated. A marathon, however...completely different story!

My gameplan this time is simple - sidle up to the 9 (er...more likely the 10) minute per mile pacer at the start and try to keep her/him in sight for a mile or 2. If the pace turns out to be too aggressive for comfort, just give up your pride and slow down - if you don't, you may not finish at all!

I was ready to begin running after my brief hiatus last week. I intended to do 6 miles today, but my mind wandered during the run and by the end of Mile 5, I realized I was 2 miles from home. I ended up completing 7 miles. sore muscles, bones or joints. So far, so good. Tomorrow, I will aim for 17 miles and that will be my last long run (above 12 miles) before the race.

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