Thursday, May 15, 2008

Costa Rica - here we come!!!

After a lot of stalling (our trademark), we finally made our flight and hotel reservations. The fiasco that was our vacation in Jamaica cautioned me to be meticulous in preparation this time. After frequenting travelblog, virtualtourist and a few other travel sites for a couple weeks, I felt confident in picking places to visit, hotels, things to do and transport to and from each location. I even picked a few back-up hotels.

DH helped me narrow down the activities - a full-day hike through a national park, a hike to the volcano and visit to hot springs, an ATV tour, canyoning, kayaking and lazing on the beach (if that counts as an activity). I only made a few reservations, and we decided to do others on the fly.We could only go for a week, so we decided not to be too ambitious and restrict our trip to San Jose - La Fortuna Arenal (rainforest, volcano and hot springs) - Manuel Antonio (beach and rain forest) - San Jose. San Jose was just the arrival and departure city.

I borrowed books on Spanish and on Costa Rican culture from the library. We shopped for water shoes, waterproof cameras, dri-fit clothes. My bro' would shake his head in despair at my touristy disposition (he would just strap on a back-pack and hike his way thro' the wilderness), but I didn't really care.

Then, the wait! I tell you...half the enjoyment of a vacation (probably more) is in the anticipation!

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